Every CA AR-15 Owner Needs a Thumbee for AR-15 clip release tool
  • The Thumbee bullet button solution is made from elastic, so one size fits most
  • The AR-15 bullet button solution "Stinger" is made of metal and is designed,
    so it is always there when you need it!
  • The CA legal NoN Magnetic Mag Release Tool is comfortable to wear - you'll forget it's on!

OPERATION - (Play the video above!)

Simply slide the AR15 Clip Release Tool Logo over your thumb with the stinger pointed towards the gun. When you want to release the clip, put your fingers below the clip and push the stinger into bullet button recess. The clip drops into your hand.

The Thumbee - bullet button magazine release tool meets the legal requirements of being an external tool. We will send the color you request if available at the time of shipping.

How To Order:

The Thumbee purchase $8.75 ea.
+ S&H $2.77
+ Sales Tax if shipped to California

Order any quantity -
only one S&H charge

I know that you will be blown away by how perfectly the ThumBee logo for California bullet button works and at such a low price. And the best part is you will understand why we say it is 100% legal. The California bullet button solution is a legal external tool, NOT a magnetic button that becomes part of the gun - an illegal felony - jail time!

If you own or plan to buy an AR-15 style rifle (M4, M16, A1,) in California then you will have to deal with the "Bullet Button" required by law that cripples your ability to quickly release the magazine to reload a new magazine. It might be a stupid law, but we must abide by it - and now we created the ultimate solution that makes the bullet button inconsequential.

buy a ThumBee for AR 15 M4 or M16 in California

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For Additonal information about the Bullet Button laws go to http://ar-15-m-4-16-bullet-button.prnc.net

Bullet Button is the term used to describe the California legal clip drop button on an "assault rifle". Law makers wanting to limit the sales of assault weapons in California pass some laws that make it necessary to use an external tool to remove the amunition clip (maximum of 10 rounds) from assault type rifles. The bullet button is the name given to the recessed clip release button that can not be pushed using your finger.
Bullet Button Tool is any tool that you insert into the bullet button recess to release the amunition clip. The bullet button tool can be a .223 caliber round or any other tool that will fit in the hole.
Saiga Bullet Button is simply the bullet button on a rifle made by Saiga
AK or AK47 Bullet Button is one thing used to make an AK47 legal to own in California. It is the same type of recessed button to requre the use of a bullet or tool to drop the clip. The AK-47 was designed by a Russian engineer and has become the most prolific weapon globally. It fires a 7.62mm round and uses a 30 round clip unless you happen to live in California - then you are restricted to a 10 round clip.
A Bullet Button Wrench is used to install or remove the bullet button from the gun or assault rifle. Mostly a special wrench is not needed.
Bullet Button Magnet is a device that is magnetic that will stick to the button in the recess of the bullet button. It's purpose to to circumvent the bullet button law - so guess what! It is illegal if you attach something to the gun where you can push it to release the clip with your finger. If you use a mag bullet button at the gun range or somewhere you can be seen, you could go to jail, be charged with a fealony, and have all your guns confiscated and as a felon, you would not be able to own a gun again. Don't be fooled into using one of these - you might as well just defeat the bullet button - it's the same thing. Another thing to consider is if you get used to the magnet bullet button being there and if falls off then you will go into shock when it is not there and you have to crawl around on the grass or floor looking for it.
AR15 Bullet Button is a bullet button made for an AR-15 type assault weapon. The AR15 assault rifle was introduced by Armalite, but was then sold to Colt Arms who holds the trademark to AR-15. The AR-15 is a semi-automatic version of the military M16 automatic weapon. The AR-15 shoots a smaller 5.56mm or .223 caliber round than the AR-10 that shoots a 7.62mm round.
California Bullet Button Law - CA passed a law requiring assault weapons to have a fixed magazine. Of course that is impractical, so great minds got together and came up the the bullet button that meets the laws requirements of a fixed magazine by recessing the clip release button, so that it cannot be pushed by the shooter's finger.
ThumBee - what is a ThumBee? The ThumBee is a tool that has a elastic band that slides over your thumb and is used to release a magazine from an assault rifle by pushing the integrated "stinger" pin into the recess of the gun's bullet button. The ThumBee is available in white and black. It is a one size fits all because of the stretch of the elastic band. The ThumBee is available from Unique Dynamics, Inc. at http://ar-15.prnc.net.
AK47 CA California is a term used to indicate the AK-47 assault rifle originally from Russia. AK47's are now manufactured in many countries around the world including Poland, Romainia, Croatia, etc.
California Assault Weapons - An assault weapon is really an automatic weapon normally used by the military. A semi-automatic rifle is not an assault weapon, but California gun haters pass laws that classify semi-automatic rifles as assault weapons and that pass additional laws to limit assault weapons. A machine gun is an automatic weapon and an AR-15 is not a machine gun. The California assault weapons ban was lifted and then reinstated with restrictions for varioius parts of the gun..
California Gun Safety and Legislation is about as crazy as you might expect from liberal law makers. California gun safety is needed and laws that make sense for reasons of safety and protection of others is applauded. But, California gun legislation to restrict the second amendment or the rights of the public is wrong and should be opposed by all Americans. An attack on the 2nd amendment is an attack on America. We need Gun Laws California to keep the honest people honest and to keep all people using guns to be safe, but we don't need gun laws in california to simply circumvent the second amendment. I think the CA gun safety test is a good idea. Let's make gun usage safer with the California gun safrety test. I believe it is the second amendment and all the gun owners in America obeying the california gun laws that have kept America, our beloved country, from being invaded by foriegn countries. It was said that Japan during world war 2 was going to invade the west coast (California), but changed their minds because practically every homeowner owned a gun. So, I say, take the California gun laws and stick them!
Gun CA is a term used to describe any gun bought or sold in California. It can be any type of gun sold in CA or it could be specific to a certain brand or style of gun. It would be nice to have GUN CA changed to just Gun.
AR-15 For Sale - you will see this when someone is selling an AR15. AR15 with scope - www.thumbee.netThis is the typical ar15 that you might see for sale at any number of websites or at gun shows. There are many companies that make the AR-15 or at least many of the parts that comprise it. The AR15 shoots a 5.56mm or .223 caliber bullet vs the AR10 that shoots the 7.62mm round. When buying an AR15 it is wise to compare quality and not just price. Some have a chrome plated barrel. Some come with the A1 or M4 configuration. Some ar-15 assault rifles have a red dot scope and some have a standard scope. The scope in the picture above has LED lit cross hairs. It is also California compliant because it has the bullet button. It has a 20 round clip that has a limiter, so only 10 rounds can be loaded into it - making it legal with California gun laws and legislation. The AR15 above is not for sale at this time.
AR-15 Forum - is a place in a website that you can go to and converse with others os similar interest. You will find a wealth of information relating to the ar15 and even find those that have their AR15 for sale.
AR-15 Parts - optics, stock, sights, uppers, lowers - There are many people that like to assemble their own AR15 guns. It is easy when you know how. You can learn how to assemble an AR15 by going to AR15 forums. Lots of gun owners will share their knowledge with you in the forums. Searching Google or Bing or Yahoo you can find manuals in your AR-15 search. These manuals usually have exploded views of the AR15 parts including the uppers, lowers, stocks, clips, magazines, butt stocks, optics, red dot and other scopes, barrels, sights, forward grips, lighting systems, night vision devices, laser targeting devices, muzzle brakes, flash hiders, bipods, and supressors.The AR15 breaks into 2 major parts - the upper receiver and the lower receiver. The upper receiver contains the barrel and the lower receiver contains the trigger mechanism. The AR15 lower receiver is the part that must be registered with the state of California through an FFA dealer. You can be an AR15 builder - you can buy all the ar15 parts except for the lower receiver which requires registration. Building is a great way to get a cheap AR-15. The ThumBee is not considered a gun part, but a gun accessory. There are many assault weapon accessories and the ThumBee clip drop tool is just one of them.
Rock River, Stag, Bushmaster, AR-15There are many manufacturers of AR15 assault rifles. Many people prefer the Stag and many people prefer the Rock River. Then you have the Colt AR15 and ton's of other brands.
AR15 Carbine - This is the same as a semi-automatic rifle, but smaller and lighter and usually shooting the same or similar rounds of amunition..